jonas nordstrom

Jonas Nordstrom, Ph.D., Adjunct University Professor and an International Trainer and Lecturer in the field of trauma recovery and crisis intervention. Jonas previously earned a doctorate in transpersonal psychology and esoteric studies and is currently pursuing a second doctorate in clinical psychology with a dissertation on neurogenic tremor, as well as pursuing licensure as a psychologist in the United States.

Since 2014, Jonas has been an Adjunct University Professor at the School of Social Work at Arizona State University (ASU), participating in developing and teaching courses in Stress Management and Critical Incident. He has also authored a chapter entitled “The Science of Instincts and Intuition: Intuitive Intelligence (II) in Times of Information Overload,” based on dissertation research, for a comprehensive textbook on Stress Management.

Jonas has worked as an instructor, supervisor, and therapist in the areas of crisis management, stress management, and trauma treatment for fifteen years. He has lived and worked in war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel, and Egypt, as well as providing trauma relief workshops and crisis support programs in India, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Throughout these years, Jonas has collaborated closely with the inventor of TRE®, Dr. David Berceli, Ph.D., to advance the application of neurogenic tremor, particularly in the treatment of stress and trauma.

With the encouragement of Dr. Berceli, Jonas collaborated with Therese to develop Wabing®. In Wabing® we use neurogenic tremor as a form of body meditation. The emphasis is on releasing and integrating stress and daily sensory input, building resilience to life’s inevitable challenges, and over time developing a more intimate relationship with ourselves and who we truly are – our authentic selves.

As part of his diverse background, Jonas has also served five years in the Swedish Parachute Rangers. Aside from gaining experience dealing with crisis, stress, and trauma, the complexity of the work sparked an interest in psychology and ancient traditional wisdom teachings.

Furthermore, Jonas has shortly worked as a Yoga teacher in India, as well as participated in a variety of sports throughout his life, most recently Olympic weightlifting. Through yoga, sports, the military, and his work as a therapist, Jonas has come to understand that the psyche and the body are inextricably linked. To be mentally and emotionally healthy, it helps to be in good physical shape, and the other way around.

Jonas’ most important conclusion is most likely that you must learn to think for yourself, to process information in such a way that you can develop confidence in your own judgment and be able to find answers within yourself when necessary. Therefore, we created Wabing to help develop a strong mind-heart-body connection, as well as become “one’s own scientist,” capable of making good decisions and successfully navigating life. This, we hope, will make living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life easier.