A Wabing Class

This Wabing class starts with a stretching routine to relax the body and prepare the nervous system for the activation of the neurogenic tremor – The Good Vibrations® – and ends with a resilience meditation exercise called “Power Rest.”

Reported effects:

Reduced anxiety, pain, and stress

Muscle relaxation and a well-balanced nervous system

Improved self-awareness and communication with others

Increased concentration ability

Well-being improvement

CLICK HERE for the class in Swedish.


Wabing is for you who have a functioning life, are interested in personal development, and want to increase your quality of life. For those of you who feel mentally or physically ill and need help to function in life, we recommend contact with your primary healthcare practitioner or similar.

If you have not tried Wabing before, we recommend that you take it easy in the beginning – even if it is a simple method, it is very powerful. In Wabing Class 1, we guide you to stretch your legs and take a break to ensure that everything feels good. Should it feel uncomfortable or that you become tired physically / mentally, we always recommend that you stretch your legs and that you end the exercise and continue at another time. The purpose is to be aware of what feels good for you and adapt the exercise so that you always have a pleasant experience. Wabing is carried out at your own risk.