Wabing is a resilience and recovery method that includes:

  1. Self-myofascial release and stretching exercises
  2. Neurogenic Tremor – The Good Vibrations®
  3. Resilience meditations

Wabing is an easy and effective way to unwind after a busy day. In Wabing we work simultaneously with the body, emotions, and thoughts. The primary goal is to down-regulate the nervous system, allowing for deeper muscular relaxation, increased emotional awareness, and a calm and focused mind. As a result, one’s resilience to life’s inevitable challenges grows over time.

In Wabing, we use neurogenic tremor as a form of body meditation to:

  • Promote deeper muscular relaxation
  • Cultivate a calm and focused state of mind
  • Enhance emotional awareness
  • Process and integrate memories, thoughts, emotions, and sensations.
  • Boost resilience to life’s inevitable challenges

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The Good Vibrations®

With Neurogenic Tremor – The Good Vibrations® – we activate a nervous system function that has been shown to improve stress regulation and deep relaxation. When faced with a stressful situation, the body’s natural response is to fight, flight, or freeze. These stress responses are intended to help the individual respond to the stressor by mobilizing energy to attack or flee, or to give up / surrender by freezing and “playing dead.”

Observations and research on how animals and humans respond to stressful events indicate that the nervous system has also evolved a natural mechanism for rebalancing itself following an active stress response. The nervous system is hypothesized to complete the fight, flight, or freeze mechanism by automatically producing vibrations, tremors, or specific patterns of muscle movement known as neurogenic tremor.

The Good Vibrations® is all about utilizing this natural function for stress reduction and deep relaxation. The result is usually that tense muscles gradually relax, and the nervous system’s rest and recovery system is reactivated. Additionally, the mind typically reaches a clear, harmonious, and focused state, which is ideal for making decisions, gaining an overview of a situation, or developing creative ideas.

Neurogenic tremor can be used in a variety of ways, including body therapies to treat stress or trauma (TRE® – Trauma Releasing Exercises, Bioenergetic Analysis, Somatic Experience, Fitzmaurice Voicework). In Wabing, we use neurogenic tremor – The Good Vibrations® – as a tool to improve our cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being and, as a result, build resilience over time.

The use of neurogenic tremor – The Good Vibrations® – in Wabing is done in collaboration with Dr. David Berceli, the inventor of TRE®.

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